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Facial Rejuvenation

Cosmetic Facial Rejuvenation is a non-surgical treatment that involves using acupuncture to improve skin and fight the aging process. Using a Holistic approach, we provide a non-surgical, gentle, effective, and safe way to revitalize the look and feel of your skin without the risk or downtime. Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture works to improve the health of your skin in part by stimulating the production of collagen. Acupuncture changes the energy flow within the body and initiates the process for constitutional rejuvenation. If energy is not flowing freely throughout your body then your organs, muscles, and lymphatic system cannot function properly, which can contribute to puffiness, bags and premature aging.

What Facial Rejuvenation Treats:

  • Diminish expression lines by slowing the aging process from within

  • Improve muscle tone, increase collagen and elastin production

  • Increase Circulation to the face and decrease inflammation

  • Improve skin texture and color by moisturizing the skin and tighten pores

  • Reduce appearance of acne scars and age spots

  • Erase fine lines, deeper wrinkles diminished

  • Lift sagging eye lids, reduce bags/circles

  • Firm jowls and minimize double chin

  • Eliminate puffiness by improving metabolism and eliminating excess fluids

  • Improve hormonal balance, benefits acne

  • Increase circulation of blood and lymph to the face and improves facial color

  • Reduce stress evident in the face

  • Promote overall health and well being


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